No AvantGo Yet for Mobile 6 – Try This! Newsbreak by IliumSoft.Com

Oct 3
No AvantGo Yet for Mobile 6 – Try This! Newsbreak by IliumSoft.Com ….. 

Works fantastic – get the trialware free download for a look see !

Software: Newsbreak RSS by IliumSoft.Com (Mobile 6 – Yes!)
Newsbreak RSS by IliumSoft.Com (Mobile 6 – Yes!)
News, Blogs and Info with you Wherever You Go
Windows Mobile Windows Mobile 6 Professional, Classic and Standard
Windows Mobile 5.0
Windows Mobile 2003SE: Windows CE 4.21
Windows Mobile 2003 (touchscreen devices only): Windows CE 4.20
Take a news break! Follow the news, listen to podcasts, and read your favorite blogs. Put wasted time – in airports, waiting rooms, lines and meetings – to good use with this news and RSS reader. Listen to your favorite podcasts, watch vidcasts, and view attached files and images!  Save your podcasts to listen or view when you have the time, and schedule them to download however you choose.  Tell NewsBreak what news to search for – save keywords and let NewsBreak find stories you’re interested in.
Get the news you care about as it happens! Have NewsBreak scan your feeds and notify you about important stories by setting up alerts. Spot the headlines that matter to you by using keyword icons. Enjoy all your favorite news with no ads and no spyware.
Get NewsBreak on your Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone for only $19.95.

Try it free, with no risk, for 30 days.
Every Ilium Software purchase includes free upgrades for 90 days, plus all minor version upgrades, our world-class, toll-free tech support and customer service, and our no-questions, 30-day money back guarantee.
Notes…. kind of rivals or surpasses the MyLo Handheld Rss !
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