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It has been awhile since we blogged here. The main domain was closed and several of older Pocket PC type destinations went belly6 up over the smartphone craze. However, the real difference is the explosion in mobile malware and mobile infection. We will keep alerts happening here that can lead to not just notification of dangers, but also how to detect and safely remove and protect against these threats. Be advised it has exploded beyond any former area you may have been in when these were called “PDA’s”.

I maintain a Windows Classic 6.0 (no phone, Wi-Fi yes) and have a basic favorite links Mobile Website linked at our main domain which I own as the http://BlueCollarPC.US/ and our MOBILE LINK http://bluecollarpc.us/Mobile.html 

For now we are building again for the New Year 2012 and Hope it is a good one.

H A P P Y * H OL I D A Y S ! !

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