Article: The ‘Pocket Botnet’

The ‘Pocket Botnet’
Monday, 19 December 2011 11:11

Within cybersecurity circles, talk of smartphone or mobile malware certainly produces a heated debate. To add gasoline to this fire, we can now add the examples of the first “pocket botnet,” a botnet solely or partly made up of smartphones, which could infect PCs.

Observers clash on the validity of the idea of pocket botnets, as demonstrated by these articles:

•Paul Oliveria, who works in technical communications at the security vendor Trend Micro, says his firm’s researchers have seen a “whopping 1,410 percent increase” in Android malware since January 2011.
•Chris DiBona, open-source programs manager at Google, claims smartphones based on open-source software aren’t less secure than those based on other forms of software. “Virus companies are playing on your fears to try to sell you bs protection software for Android, RIM, and IOS. They are charlatans and scammers.”
So what is the current state of play? Is it possible for both articles to be true?

Your Android- or Symbian-based phone can be targeted via an app, Bluetooth, WiFi, or SMS and subjected to a data stealer, click fraudster, malicious downloader, spying tools, and, very possibly now, a pocket botnet.

As a backgrounder, here are some more stats:



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