Android Fake ID Security Threat Uncovered, Solution Available

Android Fake ID Security Threat Uncovered, Solution Available

PRESS: Information…

Your Android has a Fake ID problem, allowing malware to impersonate trusted apps
Computerworld (blog)
Look at other Android malware. You do it whatever it takes for the user
to say, Yeah I want that app,” Forristal said. “It’s certainly severe.
It’s completely …


Big Android “Fake ID” Security Threat Uncovered
Tom’s Hardware Guide
Bluebox Labs, a part of Bluebox Security, has discovered a flaw in
Android that allows malware to pose as legitimate apps. This problem
applies to all …,27341.html


Trustlook Introduces the First Android FakeID Vulnerability Security
The Android FakeID vulnerability is caused by Android’s lack of a
certificate-chain signature verification mechanism which could allow
malware to …


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