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Try a trialware of the products where available. The Mobile Computer is now NO different then the Desktop – all the same threats are now out here. Symbian and Android  gets slammed.

PDA ANTI-VIRUS SOLUTIONS : (Personal Digital Assistant, original name of Mobile Computer Devices)

Comodo Free Antivirus for Android (Full Protection – and free!)
COMODO Mobile Security and Antivirus for Android. COMODO Mobile Security (CMS) is designed to protect your Android devices against viruses, unsafe apps, potentially risky settings and even from theft. Not only that, it helps to protect your privacy and keeps your system optimized.
“Always on” virus protection and an on-demand scanner help keep your device clear of viruses and unsafe apps. One touch scans and scheduled scans are provided as well as a system “Health Check” feature that quickly identifies viruses, unsafe apps and potentially risky settings. In addition to real time virus protection, CMS also safeguards you from:
Annoying Push Ads hosted by applications that you download from various sources. Harmful USSD attacks from malicious webpages.
Remotely recover your device if it is mislaid, lost or stolen. The anti-theft feature enables you to get the location of your device even if its SIM card is changed. You can also make the device sound a loud alarm, take a photograph of the possessor, lock it to prevent unauthorized access and remotely wipe it of all your confidential data-including any files stored on your memory card.
Let the fear of data loss from your android device be a thing of the past. CMS allows you to back up important data such as contact lists, text messages and private space to a memory card. You can also back up your CMS configuration as well as all the apps in your device. Restore backed up data instantly in case of data loss in your device.
Privacy Advisor:
Privacy Advisor identifies those apps on your device whose permissions could allow them to compromise your privacy or cost you money in outgoing calls/texts. It will tell you which apps are allowed to access data such as your contact lists and archived messages and which apps can make phone calls/send text messages.
Private Space:
Your Private Space is where you store contacts, phone numbers and text messages that are for your eyes only. Once added, only you will be able to view those communications. In addition, App Protector enables you to lock your apps from being accessed by unauthorized users.
SMS / Call Blocking:
Instantly filter out annoying SMS messages and phone calls by configuring black/white contact lists. Alternatively, simply block all text messages containing certain keywords.
Software Manager:
Now it’s very simple to manage all the apps in your device. You can view the installed apps, take a backup or uninstall them. With a single tap restore uninstalled apps back to your device. Software Manager provides a full list of apps in your device and you can choose either to install them or delete them.
System Optimizer:
A slow responding device can be a most frustrating experience. This can be due to many processes running at the same time and many temporary files stored in cache memory. CMS gives you full visibility and control over running processes. You can see how many are running, how much memory each uses and can quickly close down the ones you don’t want. Software Manager helps you kill apps which may be slowing down your phone down. Clean all the temporary files in cache memory with a single tap and see the performance improve immediately.
Task Scheduler:
Don’t worry about performing an Antivirus scan manually in your device anymore! The Task Scheduler feature in CMS allows you to automate the antivirus scanning process. You can choose to run the scan on any day or all days at a preset time. You can also set schedules for ‘Enter Flight Mode’ and ‘Leave Flight Mode’ on your device.
Traffic Monitoring:
Keep track of your mobile broadband usage in real-time. The Traffic Monitoring feature helps you avoid overage charges for exceeding the data limits on your plan. You can configure the application to provide alerts if your monthly traffic limit is approaching and/or set a daily traffic quota. You’ll also get to see comprehensive details of all GPRS/3G data traffic and a chart of data usage for each running application. You can conserve your data usage by stopping or even uninstalling data-expensive applications. You can also use the Firewall from the traffic monitoring interface to block apps from ever connecting to the Internet.

McAfee Mobile Security (Android)
The complete mobile security service that protects your mobile device, privacy, and enhances the possibility of recovery in the event of …
Google Android 2.3 or higher

Emsisoft Mobile Security Android
Emsisoft Mobile Security is a next-gen security solution for Android devices focused on a number of security functions in order to help you have a safer and more informed Android experience. Emsisoft Mobile Security is our company’s first response to the world of mobile malware. It is a next-gen security solution for Android devices focused on little (to zero) system or battery impact while providing access to a number of security functions in order to help you have a safer and more informed Android experience. Protects your Android smartphone and tablet from dangers awaiting on the Internet. Features include: Scans all stored files for malware infections. Real time protection that blocks malicious apps as they arrive. Surf protection that blocks access to dangerous websites. Anti-Theft to lock or wipe the device remotely when stolen or lost. Privacy audit for installed apps.

ESET Mobile Security for Android
Explore the Internet with confidence, protected by Antivirus technology that scans all files, websites and emails. Anti-Phishing shields your identity and personal data against theft. Proactive Anti-Theft increases the chances of recovering your lost or stolen device by enabling it to email you notifications, transmit its current location so you can track it on, sound an alarm or even erase the contents remotely. All installed apps are scanned and organized with Apps Audit to show permission levels and what information on your phone or tablet they can access.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android
Delivers real-time protection for fast reaction to new and emerging threats. Protects from all viruses, spam, spyware and more. Automatically scan apps for all viruses. Blocks all dangerous and malicious websites. Alerts you to fraudulent or phishing links. Notifies you if text messages contain malicious links (available for smartphones only). Anti-Theft Protection with Remote Web Management – Blocks and locates your device if it’s lost or stolen, Remotely wipes your device, cleaning it of your personal information. “Mugshot” feature identifies unauthorized users by secretly taking their picture. Blocks, wipes, and locates your phone even if your SIM card has been replaced (available for smartphones only). Call & Text Filtering (available for smartphones only) – Blocks unwanted calls and texts from unknown numbers. Privacy Protection (available for smartphones only), Controls what others can see and access when they pick up your phone. Android Minimum System Requirements: Android 2.3 – 4.3
Minimum screen resolution: 320 x 480

Webroot SecureAnywhere® Mobile Premier (Android)
The Enhanced Android Security App with Additional features for Smartphone & Tablets. All SecureAnywhere® Mobile Free Features: SIM Card Lock, Device Wipe, Automatically blocks messages containing malicious URLs, App Inspector, Battery Monitor, Network Monitor. System Requirements: Android operating system version 2.2 or higher.

Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android
Protect your device from electronic threats and save your battery with Bitdefender Mobile Security. Because your smartphone or tablet is no good if you can’t use it. Features: App LockNew, Privacy Advisor, Malware Scanner, Web Security, Anti-Theft. System requirements: Android 2.0.1 or newer

28 Android security apps tested ZDNet
Summary: Applying some of the more than 1.5 million new Android malware samples found this year, independent lab AV-Test compares Android solutions….

31 Android Antivirus applications tested by AV-Test – Malwarebytes dissapoints
Antivirus applications for Android detect pretty much all malware, according to a new test published by the German antivirus testers AV-Test. In total 31 …

Java program to reverse Android ransomware damage
Posted on Jun 17, 2014 01:59 pm
University of Sussex student Simon Bell has reverse-engineered the Android Simplocker (Simplelocker) ransomware, and has created a Java program that can be converted into an Android app to decrypt the…
Read in browser »

Trustlook Introduces the First Android FakeID Vulnerability Security Scanner
The Android FakeID vulnerability is caused by Android’s lack of a certificate-chain signature verification mechanism which could allow malware to …

Air AntiVirus (Windows – Free/Private Use, and Company/Corporate License) (Also sells PDA Firewall ! )
Online Updates through Active Sync ! From the company that wrote the best-selling technical book Maximum Wireless Security comes a professional strength virus scanner for the Pocket PC.

BullGuard Mobile for PPC
Protect yourself against malware when online with your PocketPC.

ExoVirusStop 1.0.4
Protect your Symbian series 60 phone against viruses and Trojans, with this antivirus product. ExoVirusStop brings some new and innovative features, which make this software unique. The file size is small, so it won’t use up your phone’s storage space. Very fast scanning engine takes a few seconds to check your phone for viruses. Virus dictionary allows you to read useful information and details on the viruses that exist for the Symbian OS. Known viruses and their variants: Caribe, Skulls, Mosquitos, Gavno. (Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile and PocketPC 2003)
F-Secure is the forerunner in creating security applications that are optimized for wireless devices and offer reliable and automatic on-device protection. F-Secure Anti-Virus ensures complete protection for your handheld devices. F-Secure also offers security solutions for mobile operators and service providers. Microsoft ActiveSync 3.5 or later to install. The virus definitions of F-Secure Anti-Virus for Pocket PC can also be updated over a wireless connection, such as GSM/GPRS phone, WLAN or Bluetooth connectivity.

ESET Mobile Antivirus for Smartphones
(Eset makes the famed NOD32 Antivirus for PCs)
Mobile devices like Smartphones and PocketPCs are exploding in numbers.
Malware that targets them is bound to follow. Detecting and disabling these
emerging threats requires sophistication beyond signature-based antivirus.
ESET’s heuristics engine is the best protection for individuals and businesses
that depend on mobile communication. Fast and thorough scanning keeps your
files free of malware and our SMS spam filter keeps your text message folder

Kaspersky Security for PDAs (Palm, PocketPC)
Today, most of us own not only PCs and laptops, but handhelds as well. They provide convenient, portable data storage. But this convenience may come at a price. The down side is that handhelds are just as subject to virus infections and data theft as PCs and laptops. They also offer viruses entry to home and business networks alike.

SMobileSystems (FB-4 Virus Guard)
Formerly, FB-4 Virus Guard
About SMobile Systems….
SMobile is the world leader in providing comprehensive software
security solutions for all major mobile device platforms, including BlackBerry,
Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm, iPhone and Android.

Avira AntiVir Mobile
Professional virus and malware defense for Pocket PCs and smartphones
Operating systems: Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile
2003 Second Edition, Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6.1 (Classic
and Professional Edition) Processors: ARM or Intel x86
Nokia 3230, 6260, 6600, 6620, 6630, 6670, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7610, N70 and N72
Panasonic X700 and X800
Samsung SGH-Z600, SGH-D720 and SGH-D730
Nokia Communicator 9300 and 9500

PC-cillin Virus Protection (Full Services- All Downloads ARM,etc.)
WebClip: ” Protect your computer and PDA from viruses at home or on the go with PC-Cillin 2003. PC-Cillin combines advanced virus detection and cleaning with an integrated firewall to safeguard your system from hackers and malicious code threats in e-mail and instant messaging and while surfing the Internet. New features such as Wi-Fi protection help secure your computer when connecting to a wireless LAN network, and Outbreak Alert gives you early warning about new viruses.”

PC-cillin Virus/ Wireless2.0 – PalmOS 3.1-up [32k]
Freeware version. Scans all files and identifies any infected. Log report

PC-cillin Virus/ Wireless2.0[MIPS]Windows3.0 [612k]
Freeware version. Scans all files and identifies any infected. Log report (1k, each scan, deleteable) includes Virus list.

PC-cillin Virus/ Wireless2.0[SH3] Windows3.0[561k]
Freeware version. Scans all files and identifies any infected. Log report (1k, each scan, deleteable) includes Virus list.

PC-cillinVirus/ Wireless2.0[ARM] Windows3.0 [535k] (PocketPC)
Freeware version. Scans all files and identifies any infected. Log report (1k, each scan, deleteable) includes Virus list.

Symantec AntiVirusT for Handhelds – Norton
Annual subscription anti-virus protection with live Updates for PDA /Palm and PocketPC, others, versions. Works through Sync (HotSync , ActiveSync, etc.). Protects Device and also over wireless internet like WiFi 802.11. Check out Live Updates downloads wirelessly as well. Protects Beam Infrared!

Anti-virus for Symbian Series 60 – now free ( !!!
Current IT news from heise online – London,UK
Exosyphen Studios has made it’s ExoVirusStop anti-virus software for Symbian Series 60 mobiles
running variants of S60 1st and 2nd Edition free to download. …–/news/112439
Anti-virus for Symbian Series 60 – now free
Exosyphen Studios has made it’s ExoVirusStop anti-virus software for Symbian Series 60 mobiles running variants of S60 1st and 2nd Edition free to download –
The older S60 1st and 2nd Edition phones include those up to the Nokia N70 and N90. According to the companies blog “there are no strings attached and no catches.”… FULL STORY–/news/112439


AV-Test Rates Over 40 Android Antivirus Products
PC Magazine The report opens with a review on the state of Android malware. The Android Market holds over 450000 apps now, compared to fewer than 100,000 in July of 2012. The rate of new malware threats is rising, and the overall count of threats is rising steeply. …..

AVG Mobilation AntiVirus Free and Pro versions
Combats viruses and malware, which are becoming more and more prominent on the mobile web, as well as providing loss and theft protection through the ability to track and control your smartphone remotely if you should become separated from it.

Avast Free Mobile Security – Android
avast! Free Mobile Security gives you mobile antivirus protection and mobile tracking while concealing itself from would-be thieves.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free – Android
Take Bitdefender’s award-winning antivirus protection with you! Bitdefender’s Antivirus Free is a powerful and fast solution that uses in-the-cloud scanning technology to arm your Android device with the very latest industry leading virus detection. Without slowing down your Android or draining your battery. Simply install on your Android and it’s ready to go—nothing to configure. And it’s totally free!

COMODO Mobile Security (CMS) is designed to protect your Android devices against viruses, unsafe apps potentially risky settings and even from theft while helping to protect your privacy and keep your system optimized.

Commtouch Mobile Security for Android
High powered mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become increasingly common and the Android OS is now installed on hundreds of millions of devices. Malware targeting Android continues to increase in complexity as well as volume….

GFI VIPRE Mobile Security Premium – Android
Award-winning Antivirus and Security for your Android Device. VIPRE® Mobile Security puts your safety first, protecting your smartphone or tablet from over 10,000 known Android viruses. It’s the mobile security app that keeps hackers away, backs up your contacts and photos, monitors your device history and helps you find and secure your lost device for complete peace of mind. After you install the app, you can manage your account, data and change settings at ….Not all apps are friendly or safe. Some apps are evil. We can find these evil apps and keep them off your phone and tablet. FREE VERSION LINK

How To Install Android On Your Netbook

Kaspersky Tablet Security Free Trial Download
These apps offer 30 days of premium coverage before reverting to “lite” versions. Kaspersky Tablet Security app for Android tablets, and its Kaspersky Mobile Security app for Android smartphones, are now available for free. They’re not watered-down trial versions either. These are reliable security solutions to prevent theft and keep the devices free of malware. Of course, there are premium features in each that can be unlocked with a paid subscription. These include automatic and scheduled system scans (the free versions only provide on-demand scans). The premium smartphone client provides automatic scanning and filtering on text messages while both clients receive immediate protection first.,news-16883.html

Lookout Security & Antivirus – Android
With the world’s largest mobile threat dataset, and leveraging the power of millions of users, Lookout tackles the most important mobile security issues, from identifying emerging threats to preventing fraud and fighting cybercrime.

NQ Mobile Security – Android
Whether you’re working or playing, NQ Mobile’s advanced security features have got you covered.

Norton Mobile Security Lite – Android
With the emergence of malware for smartphones, using a protection program is quickly becoming a necessity. Norton Mobile Security Lite for Android is a good option with several useful features for phone security. The Lite version of the program comes free of charge, but payment of $14.99 for a one-year subscription unlocks additional features such as backup, call blocking, and web protection.

Norton Mobile Security with antivirus protects your Android phones
The new Norton Mobile Security with antivirus protects your Android phones and tablets from theft, loss, malware and viruses. Remotely locate your lost or stolen device. Scan your new apps, app updates and SD cards for privacy risks, malware and greyware. Easily control the protection for all your devices through one website.

PDAMobileCafe Toolbar
Install our toolbar ! Works on multiple browsers and Operating Systems. – Free community toolbar “…140,000 publishers, 30 million subscribers, A new user every second…”

Sophos Mobile Security for Android
Our free Mobile Security app provides full functionality to protect your Android device without reducing performance or battery life. Using up-to-the-minute intelligence from SophosLabs, we scan your apps on demand or in intervals of your choice. This antivirus functionality helps you avoid undesirable software that may lead to data loss and unexpected costs. And if your device is lost or stolen, a remote lock or wipe will shield your personal information from prying eyes.

VirusTotal Releases Android Client to Scan Installed Apps
VirusTotal for Android checks the applications installed in your Android phone against VirusTotal ( It will inform you about malware (virus, trojans, worms) on your phone and allows you to upload any unknown applications to VirusTotal. In other words, VirusTotal for Android will get your applications scanned by more than 40 antivirus, flagging any undesired content.

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Webmasters: – Free community toolbar “…140,000 publishers, 30 million subscribers,  A new user every second…”

Ours: “PDAMobileCafe” toolbar


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